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NO.448 11.26.2018

Professor Younbyoung Chae Honored with ‘Top Researcher’ Award by the International Council of Medical Acupuncture

Professor Younbyoung Chae of the College of Korean Medicine received the ‘Science Award’ at the 33rd International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) conference held in Munich, Germany.


The Science Award is given to one person who has conducted the most meaningful research based on an examination of the past two years of publication in the area of medical acupuncture. Professor Chae’s winning article is titled ‘Exploring Spatial Patterns of Acupoint Indications from Clinical Data,’ published in the journal Medicine in 2017.


Visualization of Acupoints and the Symptom Location in the Human Body
Professor Chae and his research team visualized the association between the acupoints and the parts of the body that are treated. The study was designed based on the basic concept of Korean medicine that the meridian system allows acupuncture to treat parts of the body that are not directly associated with the acupoints. The pain symptom locations of 75 patients were recorded using a touchpad; Korean medicine doctors then plotted the acupoints used to treat these symptom locations.



Then, the research team applied a statistical method to estimate the direct treatment effect of the major acupoints, thereby visualizing them. Based on the study, the acupoints on the interior side of the forearm tend to treat indications of the heart, lungs and the stomach; the bladder meridian showed greater associations with the back area of the body, including the lower back region.

Professor Chae highlighted the special meaning of this research. He said, “Based on the original concept inherent in Korean Medicine, and by applying state-of-the-art neuroimaging method, we have reinterpreted the meridian system. I am grateful that the medical society regards our study in high esteem. When this research-based treatment is applied to real life clinical study, we will be able to reexamine the medical theory based on actual data.”

This year marks the 33rd ICMART, an academic conference that began in Europe in 1983. Today, it has over 80 memberships from around the world. This year, the Society of Korean Medicine has officially joined as a permanent member. This year’s conference was organized under the theme of “The Power of Acupuncture.” Over 130 scholars from 36 countries made presentations. More than 500 attended the conference and participated in active discussions regarding the efficacy of acupuncture and its scientific evidence.

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